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(1) Blessings from GOD (take your share)

(2) Christmas (what it means)

(3) The Good The Evil The Nonchalant

(4) Beware of Envious Siblings 1: (Cain

        kills his brother Abel)



BLESSINGS from GOD . . .


(take your share)


Every human being (each one of us) at any point in our life needs one or more

Blessings, and this is true even for the Rich, Famous, and Powerful.


The question then becomes “how do we proceed to get these Blessings?” For all

good Christians (& Jews & Moslems), it is better to approach God for His

Blessings following His due process. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, are known

as the three living Religions of the children of Abraham, and Abraham for his

Faith and Belief, was Blessed in all things by the LORD our God, and those of us

who make ourselves ‘fit and proper’ persons, and ask in the right manner, will be

similarly Blessed.


In this book, I have looked at those Blessings which are assessed in terms of:

Money, Riches, and Prosperity; Sickness and Healing; Good and Long Life; and

Specific and Targeted Blessings. “The Blessings of the LORD, it maketh rich,

and He added no Sorrow with it” (Proverbs 10 : 22).


 Jon Jo Joe



(what does it mean)


Discover the powerful teachings of Jesus Christ on a wide variety of subjects to

furnish his followers with the necessary knowledge required to get through life as

good and righteous people, and to ultimately obtain salvation and eternal life.


Christmas is the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ. For varying reasons,

it is celebrated all over the world by billions of people, and amongst the things that

made Jesus Christ a very special person were his miracles, his healings,

and his teachings, some of which I have discussed in this book, in relation to

current events, and realities, with one of my intentions being, to contribute to the

debate on the interdependency of the tripod of World Peace, Global Inclusiveness,

and Telerance of all people and religions.


 Jon Jo Joe





In recent decades, there has been an increase in very strange behaviours exhibited by many human beings which are driven by greed, envy, jealousy, and utter selfishness. Their fundamental approach to life is “me before others”, “if it does not affect me, why should I care”, “whatever I want, I will take it from anyone or anywhere by any means necessary”. Society often refers to them as narcissistic psychopaths, law-breakers, criminals, and psychotic sociopaths.


On the other hand, there are many good people whose conscious or unconscious fundamental approach to life is synonymous with Christian principles such as “To love our neighbours (every human being) as much as we love ourselves”, “As you would like people to do to you, do likewise to every person”, “Be merciful to everyone”, and “Do not judge or condemn any person”.


In this book, I have examined the concept of “The Good The Evil and The Nonchalant, in relation to how human beings deal with each other.


 Jon Jo Joe


Beware of Envious Siblings: 1

(Cain kills his brother Abel)


It is highly regrettable that some members of the same family choose to commit

horrific personal crimes including murders against each other, usually driven by envy,

greed, jealousy etc.


What never ceases to amaze me is the stupidity and narrow –mindedness of those who

commit these crimes especially murders, for whatever reasons and believe that they

can get away with it by using lies and denials, tears and other surreptitious

manipulations, or running away from the crime scene and geographical area.


The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the United States of America is probably the

most highly effective personal crime solving agency in the world, in the twenty-first

Century, and with its various National and International Associates, they have taken the

use of various analytical tools to a highly scientific and sophisticated level, and these


  • Accidents reconstruction and analysis
  • Behavioural analysis
  • Crime Scene Investigations and analysis
  • DNA analysis
  • Evidence and Alibi review and analysis
  • Fire and Arson investigations, reconstructions and analysis, etc

In this book, I have examined three biblical accounts and three recent accounts from the

USA, and to show how the Laws of Society or Vengeance/ Retributive Justice from the

LORD our God always catches up with these  law-breakers or criminals.


Jon Jo Joe



LIFE and RELIGIOUS Realities


In this series of Religious Realites, Books and Artistic Works by

Jon Jo Joe includes the following:

Published in 2015


978-1-910750-01-8   Blessings from God (take your share) ©


978-1-910750-00-1   Christmas (what it means) © 


Published in 2017


978-1-910750-04-9   The Good The Evil The Nonchalant ©


978-1-910750-02-5   Beware of Envious Siblings: 1

                                    (Cain kills his brother Abel) ©


Published as at 2022


978-1-910750-07-0   Ambition-Envy-Greed-Lust-Power: 1

                                  (the disastrous effects of these in some

                                  families: see the family of King David) ©


978-1-910750-03-2   Beware of Envious Siblings: 2

                                    (Jehoram kills his eleven brothers) ©


978-1-910750-05-6   Good and Lasting Success: 1

                                   (there is no easy way to get it: see

                                   Governor Joseph and his coat of many

                                   colours) ©


978-1-910750-11-7   Le Bon Le Mal Le Nonchalant:

                                           French Edition ©  


978-1-910750-09-4   El Buen La Maldad El Indiferente:

                                          Spanish Edition ©



To be Published later


978-1-910750-08-7   Ambition-Envy-Greed-Lust-Power: 2

                                  (the disastrous effects of these in some

                                  families: the family of Queen Jezebel) ©


978-1-910750-06-3   Good and Lasting Success: 2

                                    (there is no easy way to get it: see

                                     the making of King David) ©


978-1-910750-10-0.  A Prayer Handbook

                                    (for War & Peace times) ©


978-1-910750-23-0.  Precious Hand of God

                                   (has He touched you?) ©


978-1-910750-12-4   好人 罪恶人 不感兴趣的人

                                        Chinese Edition ©   











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